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Astronauts 6

by Modulator ESP



The exploration of the Universe has been a great inspiration for electronic music artists from the beginning of the Space-Age into the present. Aural Films is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing with a new on-going series featuring collections by Space Music artists from around the world.

Volume 6 continues with a collection of music from UK Electronic Music artist, Modulator ESP. Read more about what he has to say about Space and Music in the Questions and Answers below:

Adventures in Sound in Space: I've always tried to make music that gradually shifts and evolves, like going on a journey, so this album is a journey through selected extracts from some of my other albums, parts were mostly chosen to try and achieve a sense of flow.

Q: When did you first become interested in Space exploration?

A: I've been interested in space exploration as long as I can remember, perhaps because I was born the day Apollo 8 first orbited the moon, and I have enjoyed SF stories about space travel from my early childhood. TV like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Space 1999, Blake's 7 all had stories involving travel to other worlds, and unsurprisingly I also enjoyed the music associated with space and science fiction.

Q: What interests your most about Space exploration?

A: I find the endless possibilities of space exploration and that space is the great unknown most interesting, as anything could be out there in the vast emptiness, and probably is or has been or will be

Q: Would you travel to space given the chance?

Certainly, I'd love to see the Earth from afar and visit other worlds, hopefully, it wouldn't take too long to get somewhere interesting

Q: How does the exploration of the Universe effect or inspire your work as an artist?

A: I think the emptiness, loneliness and mystery of space inspire me, and the idea that anything is possible gives me the freedom to produce abstract, long-form, evolving music to reflect this inspiration

Q: How are ideas from Space exploration used in your work?

A: Ideas about space and its exploration form the basis of the concepts for many of my albums. I'm interested in using sound to evoke different environments, from deep space to strange new worlds

Q: What are your favorite instruments for making Space music?

A: I'm a big fan of all kinds of synthesizers and sound processing technology, mixing analogue and digital technology, to get the best of both worlds. I like instruments and devices that make my re-evaluate my thoughts an sound. Some of my favourite instruments are:
Addictive, ContinuuMini, EMS VCS3, MicroFreak, Mellotron, MODX6, Nave, Nord modulars, OP-1, Polymorph, Prophet VS, Tetra, Vector, Wavestation

Q: Is there any relationship between Space exploration and electronic music?

A: The birth of electronic music was around the same time as the dawn of the space age with both using advances in technology and both being about the exploration of new frontiers, so I feel the two are related, at least in my mind.

Q: How is Space music different from popular styles of music?

A: I think that because it is slower and more reflective than most popular styles, and is abstract and instrumental, focussing on sound and timbre more than melody. Instead of having an obvious message it provides a backdrop for extended journeys of imagination, flights of fantasy into the unknown


released July 20, 2020

All pieces are extracts - timings are approximate mid-transition points
full pieces/albums are all available from my bandcamp:
* available from

01.triangulation of mysterious resonances (from 'the synthi group vol 3'*)(0:00)*
02.invisible forces (7:00) horizons (14:00)
04.oceans of hyperwaves (from 'invisible spectra')(24:00)
05.nova sequentia (29:00)
06.hyperdrone (37:00)
07.spacial harmonics (43:00)
08.the darkest stars (from 'the infinite dance of the darkest stars')(49:00)
09.timeflights (55:00)
10.the unknowing (1:01:00)
11.beneath the darkest skies (from 'hybrid drone formations')(1:07:00)

Jez Creek: synths, samples, looping and sequencing
and maybe something about me designing the image that forms part of the design

Modulator ESP is Jez Creek from Nottingham, in the UK. He is an adventurer in sound. He has been producing improvised experimental soundscapes since 2004, using synthesizers, sampling, sequencing, looping and processing to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between ambient, berlin school, drone, space music and noise.

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