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Astronauts 11

by Picasso's Dream

Bates Motel 03:39
Blast Off 06:25
Cutting Ties 04:37


The exploration of the Universe has been a great inspiration for electronic music artists from the beginning of the Space-Age into the present. Aural Films is commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing with a new on-going series featuring collections by Space Music artists from around the world.

Volume 11 features a fine collection of music from American Electronic Progressive artist, Picasso's Dream. Read more about what he has to say about Space and Music in the Questions and Answers below:

Q: When did you first become interested in Space exploration?

A: My father was always interested in NASA, and the events of both the Challenger and Columbia explosion were major influences on my life, especially the Challenger which happened when I was in 4th grade. Always have been a big space fan since the days of the first Star Wars and Star Trek movies.

Q: What interests your most about Space exploration?

A: Love the fact that we’re now seeing planet surfaces like Mars and Pluto.

Q: Would you travel to space given the chance?

A: Absolutely, as long as I could come back or take my birds with me! No Anal Probes without asking first, please.

Q: How does the exploration of the Universe affect or inspire your work as an artist?

A: All the songs have to be epic! Why else would you want to write music if the song isn’t going to be an epic piece of music that covers the cosmos?

Q: How are ideas from Space exploration used in your work?

A: Our first album is a story of an Alien that comes to Earth and view humanity for thousands of years. After watching humans, he leaves a gift to mankind before heading back to his home planet.

Q: What are your favorite instruments for making Space music?

A: Snyths…. duh...

Q: Is there any relationship between Space exploration and electronic music?

A: You could not create electronic music unless you picture yourself floating in space. Whether actual space or the space inside your head electronic music has shaped the adventure for decades.

Q: How is Space music different from popular styles of music?

A: Usually more epic, more pronounced, synth orientated.


released July 5, 2021

“Blast Off”, “Cutting Ties”, “The Color Blue”, “Worlds Collide”, “Analog Dreams”, “Desert Road / Blast Off (reprise)” from “The Sky’s the Limit.”

Songs written by Anselmo, VanderMaas, Randolph, and Perry
Anthony S. Anselmo - Keyboards
Chase VanderMaas - Guitars
Brian Randolph - Drums
Carl Perry - Bass
“Blast Off”, “ The Color Blue” and “Desert Road / Blast Off (reprise)” mixed and mastered by Bill Babcock
“Cutting Ties”, “Analog Dreams” and “Worlds Collide” mixed and mastered by Max Bigalow

“Hey It’s My Turn”, “Giant Footsteps - Radio Edit” from “Footsteps”
"Hey It’s My Turn" - written by Anselmo, VanderMaas, Randolph, and Perry
Anthony S. Anselmo - Keyboards
Chase VanderMaas - Guitars, Bass
Harold Kay - Drums
Additional Guitars: Derek Barlas
Mixed and Mastered by “Anthony S. Anselmo"

“Giant Footsteps” - written by Anselmo/VanderMaas/Kay/Vashneva
Anthony S. Anselmo - Keyboards
Chase VanderMaas - Guitars
Harold Kay - Drums
Anna Vashneva - Guitars
George Schiessl - Bass
Mixed and Mastered by “Anthony S. Anselmo"

"Bates Motel"
Written by Anselmo, VanderMaas, Randolph, and Perry
Anthony S. Anselmo - Keyboards
Chase VanderMaas - Guitars
Vicent Simon - Drums
Max Bigalow - Bass
Tony Kertis - Saxophone
Mixed and Mastered by Max Bigalow

"Unstoppable Force"
Written by Anselmo, Bigalow, Simon, Kertis and Bianchi
Anthony S. Anselmo - Keyboards
Chris Bianchi - Guitars
Vicent Simon - Drums
Max Bigalow - Bass
Tony Kertis - Saxophone
Mixed and Mastered by Paris Hollins @ Blue Moon Studios

Progressive Rock… the final frontier of musicianship. Setting new course for destinations yet unknown Picasso’s Dream sets themselves apart from the ordinary. Determined to write the most hypnotic progressive and modern rock combined with amazing visuals, Picasso’s Dream has become one of Central Ohio's top Progressive Rock performances.

Visionary Anthony S. Anselmo founded the group in 2013 with the desire to create something out of the ordinary from the usual acts found within the local region. Soon after Picasso’s Dream became the opener of many central ohio rock shows, as the group would become the appetizer of acts ranging from metal to pop.

In 2017 Picasso’s Dream 2.0 would be launched with newcomers Vincent Simon on Drums, Max Bigelow on Bass and Tony Kertis on Sax. Later Chris Bianchi would join on Guitar forming what would be the modern version of the group.

Combining the best talents of modern technology and professional expertise; Picasso’s Dream presents an all-inclusive experience. Whether illustrating the story of the massive cosmetic explosion of ‘Worlds Collide’, the journey of an alien from another planet in ‘Blast Off’, or the mind of Norman Bates with ‘Bates Motel’ Picasso’s Dream provides distinct imagination behind their incredible sound.

So step aboard the starship and come join us on the journey across the Universe, we promise to have you home in time for dinner!

More Music and Info:

All tracks ©℗2021 Picasso's Dream

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